Download 2010-2014 Mercury 115 125 Optimax, 115 Pro XS Repair Manual


This instant download repair manual covers service and repair information for 2010 thru 2014 Mercury Optimax 115hp, 125hp and 115 Pro XS direct fuel injection 3-cylinder engines with Serial Number 0T801000 and Above.

This digitally transmitted electronic book looks identical to a paper manual you’d buy at your local auto parts store. No special software is needed to download the manual. You can save the manual to your computer, tablet or smartphone forever.

Download this factory repair manual instantly. This digitally delivered repair manual is model/year specific. It covers every aspect of maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. It is the same manual dealership mechanics use to fix your machine.

This electronic manual contains step-by-step repair procedures, diagrams, illustrations and complete component specifications to help you complete the repair work successfully.



There is no better way to keep your boat engine at optimal condition than regular  service and maintenance of the outboard motor.

An outboard motor is a term used to describe the unit of the boat comprising the engine, gearbox, and propeller. This unit is often mounted at the boat’s transom at the back of the boat. In addition to propelling the boat, outboard motors also help in steering the boat by controlling the direction of the thrust. Boat maintenance is a duty that must not be shoved aside – You can only enjoy those memorable escapes if the boat is in good working condition.

It’s best to let professionals handle major repairs and maintenance. However, you could have hands-on experience by learning how to carry out simple repairs and maintenance. To ensure that you are not sticking your hands in the wrong places, you need an outboard manual to guide you on your DIY repairs.

So, What Is an Outboard Repair Manual?

An outboard repair manual is a repair guide for a marine engine – which in this case, is your outboard.

Outboard repair manuals offer comprehensive and step by step guide on how to carry out repairs on your outboard motor. You don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to understand outboard repair manuals because the instructions are thoughtfully illustrated with the aid of diagrams and symbols.

With just a little moment of your time, you would understand the different parts of the boat engine and how the function. Whatever information is contained in the manual is all you need to carry out repairs and maintenance on your boat.

It may interest you to know that professional (outboard motor) mechanics make use of the outboard repair manuals to carry out repairs or replace engine parts whenever the need arises.

Why Do You Need an Outboard Repair Manual?

Like every other machine, outboard motors are not 100% efficient. They are also prone to wear and tear. Other external factors like moisture and temperature also take their toll on the performance of the engine.

If you have an outboard manual handy, you would not be helpless whenever the engine develops a fault while you are far away from shore – where help may not be readily available. Besides putting you in charge and giving you the thrills and fulfillment of DIY repairs and maintenance, using your outboard manual for minor repairs will save you some money on maintenance.

How to Get Your Outboard Repair Manual!

Gone are the days where you have to carry a bulky print out manuals around. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can get a digital or electronic copy of the outboard repair manual from our website.

Our digital outboard repair manual is very easy to study and interpret compared to their print counterparts. They offer clear illustrations using distinct colors to explain every aspect of the engine design from the mechanical to electrical systems.

Download your digital manual in a single click!

Our manuals are portable files; as such, you can download them onto your mobile devices from the convenience of your boat so long as you are connected to the internet. We make it easy for you to identify faults and troubleshoot – and you don’t have to be professional to do all of these. Get yours today.


2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014



File Size

59.9 mB

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Models Covered

Mercury 75 Optimax, 90 Optimax, 115 Optimax, 115 Pro XS, 125 Optimax


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