Download 2012 Evinrude E-TEC Repair Manual 40 50 60 65 70 90 HP


This instant download repair manual covers service and repair information on all 2012 Evinrude E-TEC 40hp, 50hp, 60hp, 65hp, 70hp, 90hp, 52.7 cubic inch (.86 L), 2-Cylinder; and 79 cubic inch (1.29 L), 3-Cylinder models. 

Download a factory repair manual straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone in seconds. This digitally delivered service and repair manual is model/year specific. It covers every aspect of maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. It is the same manual dealership mechanics use to service and repair your outboard engine.

The digital manual appears identical to a book you would buy at a local marine parts store. It contains step-by-step repair procedures, diagrams, illustrations and complete component specifications to help you complete the repair work successfully.


Outboard Repair Manual

Virtually every electronic or machine that you buy comes with a user guide. It is the first thing to turn to when there’s a technical issue with the purchase or when you cannot set it up properly or understand specific parts. When it comes to an outboard engine, the user guide to turn to is called an Outboard Repair Manual. So, what exactly is it, and how useful can it be?

An Outboard Repair Manual is simply a digital handbook with instructions on the repair and maintenance of an outboard engine. The user’s guide covers every aspect of troubleshooting, fixing, and servicing the outboard motor. It features step-by-step procedures, clear wiring diagrams, component specifications, and high-quality images to help you diagnose and fix common outboard motor issues.

How an Outboard Repair Manual Can Help You

An Outboard Repair Manual comes handy in so many scenarios. For starters, the digital guide is a useful diagnostic tool. Through the wiring illustrations, detailed outboard images, and component specifications that the manual provides, you can pinpoint the exact problem facing your outboard motor. You only need to examine the manual keenly to detect most outboard issues.

After diagnosis, what then? If this was your worry, you have no reason to think so. The diagnosis information is the basis for fixing the issue. An Outboard Repair Manual not only provides you with a way to troubleshoot motor issues but also the means to fix them. It outlines the steps to follow to correct a majority of problems that outboard engine owners face. 

How about if I know nothing about an outboard engine? Well, you can always turn to an Outboard Repair Manual for setup instructions. The handbook comes with user-friendly guides for assembling and installing an outboard motor. Hence, you can use it to put every component as required. All you have to do is follow the visual illustrations appropriately.

But my outboard motor seems to be working just fine; do I still need an Outboard Repair Manual? The answer is yes, at least for the maintenance of your engine. It can help to routinely service and take proper care of the motor to have it work optimally. From filter and oil changes to appropriate cleaning of the engine, you’ll find the instructions on the manual.

Lastly, it is advisable to exercise caution when working on an outboard engine. Your safety should come first, and an Outboard Repair Manual is there to guarantee that. It provides you with personal safety instructions and an inspection guide to protect you from likely injuries.

Are you now convinced that you need an Outboard Repair Manual? Download it today on our website to start reaping its many benefits.

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40hp, 50hp, 60hp, 65hp, 70hp, 90hp

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