Download 1994-1998 Mercury Outboard 115hp Repair Manual


This instant download repair manual covers service and repair information for 1994 thru 1998 Mercury 115 hp two-stroke, 4-cylinder engines with Serial Numbers 0D283222 and Above (United States) and Serial Numbers 09793577 and Above (Belgium).

This digitally transmitted electronic book looks identical to a paper manual you’d buy at your local auto parts store. No special software is needed to download the manual. You can save the manual to your computer, tablet or smartphone forever.

Download this factory repair manual instantly. This digitally delivered repair manual is model/year specific. It covers every aspect of maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. It is the same manual dealership mechanics use to fix your machine.

This electronic manual contains step-by-step repair procedures, diagrams, illustrations and complete component specifications to help you complete the repair work successfully.



Outboard repair Manual

Just like every other mechanical devices, an outboard is always in need of proper servicing, maintenance and repair. But unlike vehicles that’re used on the road, the outboard (which usually contains the engine, propeller and gearbox of a boat) is marine-based.

This makes it difficult to get help or to call on a professional mechanic to carryout checks and repair on the outboard boat motor if it gets faulty on the water.

Hence, the reason why it’s very important for all boat owners to have a basic to in-depth knowledge of the outboard boat motor and to be able to carry out little maintenance or repair work on it in your DIY workshop or at emergency situations on water. The Outboard Repair Manual is the only piece which provides all the vital information on the outboard motor that even a novice can easily understand.

What is an Outboard Repair Manual?

An outboard repair manual is a book that contains a gradual and well explained information on how to repair, maintain, troubleshoot and even carry out an overhaul of the outboard motor. It usually entails detailed wiring and hose diagrams, step-by-step repair and servicing procedures, diagnostic details, high-quality images and exploded views of components and many more sophisticated information on the outboard motor.

The Outboard Repair Manual can be downloaded online making it easy to carry to any location on your smartphones, tablets and computers. To save you the stress and time of searching for it, we’ve it available for instant download here on our website.

Why an Outboard Repair Manual is useful to you as a boat owner

As earlier stated, it’s important for you as a boat owner to know the behavior and properties of your outboard boat motor. This gives you a firsthand knowledge of how to safely use, maintain and troubleshoot your boat even at critical times.

With an outboard repair manual, you can save yourself from the cost of having to call on a professional mechanic every time there’s a problem with your boat. You can carry out simple replacement maintenance and daily routine checks. This saves you the cost of having to carryout wholesale replacement or total overhaul of the outboard motor.

For all its worth, even the professional mechanics make use of the outboard repair manual to carry out repairs and maintenance.

The outboard repair manual also reduces the time you spend waiting for mechanics if they are unavailable. You can easily carryout informed troubleshooting procedures, some major repairs and replacement and get your boat back in proper working condition.

Most importantly, the outboard repair manual gives you more assurance regarding your safety. It provides you detailed information about the behavior of your boat and the way out of most problems you can encounter.

As mechanical engines are known to be unpredictable at times, they can breakdown without prior notice or visible signs at any location. So it is very important to always have your Outboard Repair Manual with you whenever you are going for a ride.


1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998



File Size

12.9 MB

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Models Covered

115hp In-Line 4-Cylinder Two-Stroke


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