Download Yamaha 4HP (4 HP) Repair Manual

The Download 4HP (4 HP) Yamaha Repair Manual refers to a comprehensive manual that provides information and instructions for repairing and maintaining a 4 horsepower Yamaha outboard motor. This manual is designed to be used by individuals who are knowledgeable in the repair and maintenance of outboard motors, including technicians, mechanics, and boat owners who have a basic understanding of the functioning of outboard motors.

Download Yamaha 4HP Repair Manuals

Choose your Yamaha 4HP year and model, then click 'Download Manual' for instant access to a comprehensive repair guide.
19954MLHT, 4MSHTDownload Manual
19964MLHU, 4MSHU 2-StrokeDownload Manual
19974MLHV, 4MSHV 2-StrokeDownload Manual
19984MLHW, 4MSHW 2-StrokeDownload Manual
19994MLHX, 4MSHX 2-StrokeDownload Manual
1999F4MLHX, F4MSHX 4-StrokeDownload Manual
2000F4MLHY, F4MSHY 4-StrokeDownload Manual
2001F4MLHZ, F4MSHZ 4-StrokeDownload Manual
2002F4MLHA, F4MSHA 4-StrokeDownload Manual
2003F4MLHB, F4MSHB 4-StrokeDownload Manual
2004F4MLHC, F4MSHC 4-StrokeDownload Manual
2005F4MLHD, F4MSHD 4-StrokeDownload Manual
2006-2008F4MSH, F4MLH 4-StrokeDownload Manual

The manual covers all aspects of the 4 HP Yamaha outboard motor, including troubleshooting and repair procedures for various parts of the motor, such as the electrical system, the fuel system, the cooling system, and the powerhead. Additionally, the manual also provides information on routine maintenance procedures, such as changing the oil, checking the spark plug, and adjusting the carburetor. The manual also includes detailed illustrations, diagrams, and specifications to assist the user in the repair and maintenance of their Yamaha outboard motor. The manual is an essential resource for anyone who wants to ensure the reliable performance and longevity of their Yamaha outboard motor.